Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Join us on the River Tamar ...



Join us on the River Tamar ...

Come canoeing on the river Tamar between Cornwall and Devon, one of southwest England's most beautiful valleys. Our guided canoe trips provide the perfect family activity in all weather.

Take a journey between the historic quays of Morwellham and Cotehele with a short break at the village of Calstock.

Experience the delight of gliding in a silent boat in some of the most beautiful scenery in England, past steeply sloping woodland, old quays, mine chimneys, farms and boatyards in Devon and Cornwall.

Learn to manoeuvre your own Canadian canoe in complete safety, traveling at your speed on a gently flowing river with a qualified guide.

Enjoy the river's bird life, heron, water fowl and kingfisher, see a salmon leaping, perhaps a seal or an otter.


No experience of canoeing ? Don't worry most of our visitors have never been in a boat before, have a look at our 'what to expect' and 'who can join in' pages for more information.

Call us now on 0845 430 1208 for more information about trips currently available and for details of how to book.

Or email us on info@canoetamar.co.uk


For sale 2 used 3 seater coleman canoes £350 each

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