5 most popular breed of dog in the United States

Dogs are loved worldwide and probably the most lovable animal ever born on this planet. There are not one but many different varieties of dogs that you will get in this world. America has its own favorite breeds like other countries have. Dogs are really great, they are loyal, they protect you from people breaking into your house, they make you happy, they make you laugh, they are great friends of humans.

The most awesome species of domestic animals are probably and surely dogs. For sure they going nowhere while dogs are great but how to choose which one you should get and which one is most popular. So we will get you 5 names of the dogs breed that is the most popular breeds in America.

Labrador retriever

These dogs are really great pets, they don’t get all barky and grumpy easily. Most of the time you will see them lying down and going here and there playing around getting mixed with all members. They are very easy-going dogs that you will ever see, in the past 27 years they continue their spot as the most popular dog breed in the United States of America. The dogs other than being just easy going have really great talent and they used as a police dog too not in America but if you see India they are the dogs used for their smelling talent. They get trained just like k9 here get. So that’s why these nonviolent dogs are the most popular dogs in the US.

German shepherd

What to say about these awesome breeds try finding a better dog to be the police. These breeds of dogs are immensely trained for being the police dog. Having a great sense of smell and a fearless attitude these dogs never back down from any situation just like other dogs they can also sense the fear. But they don’t back out from that danger they fight it. Great dogs with amazing look these dogs are the bad guys for the dogs and the good guys for humans. There are many kinds of German Shepherd mostly seen is the double-coated German Shepherd and the rare ones black single coated German Shepherd is really hard to find. You won’t see them in the USA.

Golden retriever

The golden retriever is one of the most beautifully looking dogs ever. They are covered with their great golden coated fur and have been ranked the American’s 3rd favorite dogs to have as the popularity of this dog is immense. The golden color dog just not shine and look good it’s also a talented dog used for its smelling power and great intelligence, and it’s a movie star. These dogs have long fur which can be badly affected by weed killers, so make sure that you invest in a good weed killer. After the air bud series, these dogs are stars and now the dog mostly stars in the dog food brand of pedigree. These dogs have been all around the sports team and played many other sports too with them after the movie. It’s been holding the position of 3rd most favorite breed of dogs in America since 2015. The golden retriever is also large in size and not a small size dog which helps.

French bulldog

The dog breed of the French bulldog is part of the bulldog breeds, they are one of the most popular bulldog breeds and the 4th most popular dog breed in the United States of America. The dogs are usually known for their bat-like ears, which is a kind of trademark of these dogs. They are active, playful and easy to adapt to people and they always on alert if they see a stranger walking towards your house they will let you know for sure. The other great fact about them is that they came from 76 spots to 4 in just a mere 20 years or so. That’s a huge success for these dogs.


These days are highly mistaken as an aggressive dog while they are gentle and super calm. They are known for their muscular body shape and wrinkle face with pushed In nose and they are really awesome pets. Many people believe they are aggressive while they are not they just look dominant but are really calm dogs. They won’t bite anyone unless you provoke them and make them angry, that any dog will do if you provoke them. They are really great and popular dogs because of their muscular features and calm behavior.

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