9 Crazy Cool Camping Ideas, Hacks Tips and Tricks



Camping as an outdoor activity can be so much fun. It provides you with some utter relaxation from your everyday tensions in a flick of time. In fact, when you are in the lap of Mother Nature, you will get Mother Earth’s secret recipe of happiness. Camping outdoors is a great source to gain experience about the nature and surroundings along with keeping our mind and body refreshed.

But, when you are completely in the mercy of nature, things may not always go your way. A mother will always want her child to gain experience by facing problems, right? So, even the most magical camping of your life ever can conclude with the bitter realization of not bringing a small matchbox!

Here are some cool tips or tricks or hacks (whatever you say!) of camping which will never let you feel disappointed in the middle of your camp –

Keep your matchsticks and toilet paper dry using jars of your own kitchen


When you are on a camping trip, you are surely going to need match sticks and toilet papers. These are a must. But, how will you keep them dry and safe?

You can use your mason jar to keep the match sticks dry. Just trace a circle on sandpaper using the centre diameter of your jar lid and cut it out. Paste it on the centre of the lid and keep the match sticks completely dry and ready to use! You can save your toilet papers using an empty coffee mug; cut out a slit on the side large enough for you to take out the paper and pierce a hole in the bottom to hang it above the ground. Put your toilet paper role and you are good to go!

 Store scrambled eggs in a disposable plastic bottle


Disposable plastic bottles may not be a great choice to drink water in, but if you have ever purchased one and are going to through it, do not throw it right away. It will come in handy when you will be on a camping trip.

Take all the eggs you were going to take with you, and scramble them. Pour them into a plastic bottle and close the lid. You can use a permanent marker to mark the amount of eggs you have taken, like a mark on the 2nd egg and next on the 4th egg and so on. In this way, you will be safe from the mess of broken and spilt eggs in your back pack during the mesmerizing camp!

Use a plastic water bottle to make a camping lantern


You never knew that the plastic water bottle you were just about to throw could help you storing eggs, right? Here is another trick which is going to make you fall in love with those bottles!

You can pick a plastic bottle – empty and dry – and turn it into a camping lantern easily. This is surely going to save you when you have a very small camping headlight with you and are not getting sufficient light to light up the whole cave or the area. Just paste or tie up your camping headlight to the mouth of the bottle with the light facing inwards, and have your own lantern lighting up the whole place!

 Use empty Tic Tac containers for storing spices


If you are among those who do not know what Tic Tac is, then I advise you to go and spend some time in the market! Tic Tac is a mouth freshening chocolate which comes in cute little plastic containers. And these can be used after the chocos are over!

When you want to have an aromatic dinner or lunch in the middle of your camp, you are going to need spices for sure. And storing them in any large container or any polythene bags can be too risky! So, instead use a Tic Tac container to store common spices like salt, sugar or peppermint and use them with a flick of the lid!

 Use Doritos for kindling


When you are on a camping trip, you will need a camp fire. Because a camp can never be complete without a camp fire. It will be needed to cook food, or for increasing the temperature of the surroundings or for a story time! So, just skip the expensive fire starter sticks and grab a pack of Doritos and you have a match stick. These dense, oily corn chips are easy to light on fire and will last for a long time. And when you are craving, you can grab a bunch for your appetite as well!

Take microfiber towels


When in a camp, you will need to attend all kinds of nature’s calls, and hence will surely carry toilet papers and tissues. I know toilet papers are mandatory, but why tissues? The microfiber towels are light weight and easy-to-use towels which will occupy only a pinch of space in your bag. And if you are not concerned about weight, then let me tell you that these towels get dried easily and quickly; so you don’t have to worry about growing molds on the wet towels when they are packed!

 Grab some cabbage when you are carrying meat


Are you surprised to hear this? Well, don’t be. I’ll tell you why. Most often you forget to put off the camp fire when you are cooking the meat on it, and all you get is burnt meat. But no more! Wrap up your meat piece with cabbage and then get rid of the tension of putting off the fire! The moistness in the cabbage creates the perfect barrier.

Use sage and Johnson’s baby cream to repel mosquitoes


Yeah, Johnson’s baby cream is a perfect mosquito repellant. And I’m serious. Just rub some on the exposed parts, and you’ll find the pest hovering away from you. For more safety, put some sage leaves in your camp fire and the smell is enough to keep the guests away.

Wrap duct-tapes around your water bottle


There is no guarantee about any situation in the woods, and you never know when you will need small things like duct tapes. So, wrap up some tape around your water bottle in case you need it during any emergency. Additionally, it will keep your water cool as well, away from sunlight!

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