Apple is well known for its performance when it comes to tech. Their signature mobile phone which is the iPhone is always on the market. No matter where you live, they have their phones there and will give you the best experience.

Most people just love the iPhone and never try other phones once they get an iPhone and I think that is pretty fair. The phone gives you the greatest experience of their camera quality, updated version of technology they keep sending you updates so you can use them without any difficulty. I personally love iPhone too, the only thing I hate on the iPhone is that they never stop making and launching a new version before even a year. I mean they release the phone I start gathering and saving my money and when I’m done saving and buy their phone, next month they come up with new technology that is better and more advanced than what I have. Really, pisses me off.

While this the iPhone releases their 11pro. The phone is great with triple camera you go beyond what you have seen in any iPhone. They get you the most compact design the things that this phone has is quite amazing. They also made the glass of the iPhone more durable and gave a longer battery life.

There are some bad things which may or may not disturb you, depending on your taste. The phone is not that great in battery life as the updated version called 11 pro max is. It also starts with just 64gb internal memory. And if you have used the previous iPhone Xs you will notice the weight and the thickness that this 11 pro has.

The phone overall is good comes with a great screen of 5.8 inches and gives you great picture experience. As the camera provides you with night mode and great wide video capturing the range of this phone is really great, and also give you a great start HDR feature to give you beat quality pic.

The 11 pro is a great performance phone but the price of 999 dollars people always want bigger storage, which is quite a drawback when you buying 11 pro.

The iPhone 11 pro gives you a really durable and compact design, not like other glass phones this one is less slippery and has a great grip while using it. The phone may look intimidating at first because of the 3 cameras that you will see in the back of the iPhone 11 pro but overall when you look at it it’s really great to design and making quality. The phone also gives you great resistance when you put inside the water the phone is made to withstand the 4-meter depth for 30min easily. So don’t worry and take your phone with you inside the swimming pool and get that underwater shot for your Instagram pic.

iPhone 11 pro durability is something to look forward to the phone gives you a great and the toughest glass you will get in any smartphone. As they would say all these stuff while checking the durability we found out that just from 3.5 feet of height if you drop the phone face don’t the front will get a crack and if you drop backward it may survive. So either believe them and pray if your phone drops from your hand hopefully it will drop in its back.

The phone so gives you a brighter display, That is more than the previous iPhone and better than the Galaxy Note 10 which is an amazing phone too. When you try to put the Galaxy Note 10 and iPhone 11 pro together at Max brightness the Galaxy Note will look like its super dim in front of the iPhone 11 pro.

The sound is also great when you using the iPhone 11 pro, it supports the Dolby Atmos and spatial audio Which will give you a great experience.

The picture experience of the night mode will give you chills that never experienced detailing in any smartphone. You place any great smartphone or the previous iPhone you will see the difference in detailing the picture quality.

While the ultra-wide features also give you the same quality as the normal mode will give you and let you capture more of the moment.

So overall leaving some points where they could have gone a little better it’s an amazing phone but yeah could have been better in the price of 999 dollars.…