Motivation is a desire to act, which is caused by internal factors. Individuals driven by intrinsic motivation will only be satisfied if they are doing something and achieve the results. Meanwhile, according to Singgih D. Gunarsa (2008), intrinsic motivation is a strong impulse or willing, that comes from within a person. The big reason for intrinsic motivation is to achieve goals.

But sometimes your high expectation is not going well, that’s why your day will be unproductive. It means you have no intrinsic motivation, and it is happening in every person, but tragically most people currently lack inherent motivation.

The best way to increase your intrinsic motivation is you should know the purpose of your life. You have to find your goals and make them your inspiration. You should know the purpose of your life to find your way, make a little step, and then learn to become a better person. Make sure you buy outdoor basketball shoes to play properly.

As a starter, just read two sentences below:

  1. I choose to be an entrepreneur, create jobs, and solve problems in my environment because I see that agricultural products’ potential in my environment has not been utilized properly.
  2. I choose to be an entrepreneur to get rich and gain financial freedom, allowing me to own multiple houses, cars, yachts, etc.

Most of the world’s successful entrepreneurs choose number 1 (passion and not money). It would help if you remembered that extrinsic motivation could make a person run faster, lift heavier. But to be successful, it looks like you should rely more on creativity and the ability to see and create opportunities. Extrinsic motivation will destroy this, and we may even act unethically to achieve it.

After knowing the purpose of life, it’s time to determine whether you want to be the captain of your own life? Without autonomy, it is difficult for us to be motivated to do something. To be more motivated in life, be what you want, and determine your path in life.

Motivation is a question to answer, “Is it worth it?” or “Is it worth it?” The problem can be answered with irrelevant things or things that are intrinsic.

Research confirms that intrinsic motivation is more appropriate in most cases. Self-motivation is built on the desire to do something because it is meaningful, significant because we like it. After all, it is interesting, or because it is part of something important.

In this country, money is still significant because there are probably many people living below the poverty line, so that they cannot meet their physical needs (in Maslow’s motivational hierarchy). However, that does not mean that entrepreneurs still have to stick to this paradigm to make themselves successful.

Because we want to solve problems, we must be creative, learn, and master the field where we want to solve the solution. In the case above, this will make us even better at processing agricultural products in our environment. The passion for mastering agricultural processing techniques is the motivation that will make us successful.