It can sound pretty intimidating but soon our world going to be run by robots and machines. Which might be a better way or worse, that’s a whole nother topic but yeah the thing is true. We have been using more and more gadgets every day that make our work easier, now weather it’s our kitchen, home, work, or school always have a gadget with us.

So let’s see 9 genius home gadgets that made to surprise us and shock us also help us.

Robot vacuum cleaner

Talk about a vacuum cleaner that can work on its own, comes with different designs and models used for different kinds of flooring. The best thing to do is just sit back and watch this buddy work all of the cleaning of dust for you. When it comes to robot vacuum cleaner, iRobot comes in first place. It comes with sensors that will detect your floor for possible obstacles and also can empty the bin itself without your help. Robot vacuum cleaner even doesn’t need you to work just schedule a time for cleaning every day and you will see him cleaning for you every day. What else do you need? This one gives you a personal cleaner guy.

Robotic Clocky alarm clock

The alarm clock was made to help us get up but what we did? We snoozed it or turn it off and then slept again. So like I said machine has gotten smarter, and with that, this clock will wake you up and keep beeping until you close it. What’s new? Well try doing that and you will know the clock is designed to keep beeping and running till you catch it, yep it comes with wheels that help the clock go here and there. The clock will not stop until you get up from your bed and stop it by catching it. Now, this is what you call a real alarm clock will for sure make you get up even if you didn’t want to.

Smart faucet

Time to do something for your world, and make that step by saving water there are many people who don’t get enough water. They don’t drink water much and forget about taking a bath, so make sure you save water.

While we wash dishes in the kitchen or wash our hands we do water even if we do not see it. So what your smart faucet will do is that it will only work when it senses your hand of something under it, which will help you save an amazing amount of water. Using this you can really feel that you did something for the world and took a step forward to saving our environment.

TV DVD Combo

If you love DVD & used to watch lots of movies using DVD in 19s. Then you might have really cool collection of DVD in your house. You might want to refresh your memories using DVD you have. You can buy TV-DVD Combo for your house & get both TV & DVD experience with one gadget.

Solar power path led

The light is a great help to our environment and an awesome thing for your garden. The light comes with a solar panel and doesn’t need any wiring so it’s easy to install. The solar power path light will automatically turn in the evening time when it starts to get darker and automatically close when the sun rises.

Smart body analyzer

The thing when you are checking your weight is that you get only what your weight is but this smart body scale will tell you fat percentage, your body BMI and other things that not all or normal scales tell you. It also tells you the room air quality and can connect and sync through the mobile and to track your goals.

Motion sensor power strip

The power outlet of this gadget comes with a power-saving motion sensor, comes with 8 sockets the power strip is really useful. The best thing is that it can sense if you are not there and can act on it, it switches off 4 first outlet if no human is there on 20feet distance for 30min or more. Which help you save energy and light if you ever forgot to switch them off and leave.

Eco dish cleaner

With the help of ultrasonic waves, you can clean your dishes without the help of soap, and the food remains will be converted to a fertilizing compost that can be used in feeling plants. As it provides soils with just from your waste food it is really helping your environment by giving us an easier way to have trees.

Final Words

This last one is one of the best innovations have ever made, the use of this product is simple to provide you with the best air. The air purifier kills all the bad bacteria and also the dust particles inside your room, giving you the purest air you can have.…