How to look beautiful without makeup- 5 natural tips

There are many girls that don’t like to wear a lot of makeup and want to look beautiful without it. Many people are against makeup use as they don’t like the idea of using many chemicals on their face which is really a great thing. People in this fake shining world want to look good and in the process of that, they forget how dangerous it can be to use all those chemicals on your skin every day.

But for sure this will never going to stop and it will keep on going till people are alive.

So for those who don’t believe In makeup and believe more in their natural beauty. Here are some of our 5 tips you should use.

Dry-skin brush

While you are trying to get a glowing skin and a smooth skin. You can use this for sure, as when we go to work or outside out skin gets so many impurities by the dust and other polluted bacteria there. We may not see them but we can feel them destroying our skin making it dry and dead and making our skin dull and look weak. Well for this you can use a brush that has bristles in it and stroke your skin from it don’t do it too harshly just normally before you take shower when you think you have a cover whole body. Then go and take a shower, make sure your skin is dry when you are stroking it with your brush and it doesn’t have that oily feel or it won’t give you the result.

Try doing this for At Least 4 to 5 days a week, this will help you get a glowing skin and a brighter tones skin. Why does it help? Simple thing is that when you stroke the skin with a brush that helps get the blood circulation right and also remove the dead skin and that’s why it makes your skin glow.


People think sauna is good for weight loss which sorry to say it is not. The thing that you are sweating doesn’t have to do with the fact that you are losing weight those are totally different things. The sweat that you get in the sauna is mostly because of the steam and temperature it won’t help you get rid of your calories it may get you dehydrated though. The real benefit of sauna is that it’s a great toxin remover when you go and sit inside a sauna the stream helps you get rid of harmful toxins that can make your skin dull and dead. When you sweat in the sauna the sweat will remove a lot of impurities including dirt and dead skin cells. Giving you a great glowing and healthy skin.


Like we said in the 1st tip blood circulation is important, and for that, you should do regular exercise and make sure you get those endorphins increased. Choose any routine you like whether it’s cardio or weight training the main aim is to get the blood flowing properly in your body. This will brings a glow in your body and also make you gain confidence in your look by giving you a nice shaped body and you will feel pretty good overall.

Have sex

Yep, it may sound like it’s not important for skin but believe me, it is. Like exercising when you do exercise you get those endorphins which are feel-good hormones. So what can make anyone feel better than having sex when you have sex and reach orgasm you get an immense amount of endorphins and growth hormones that help look younger and your skin get better. Other advantages of sex? When you deep breathe it helps you get more oxygen and after sex, you get less stressed and your stress level goes down.


Dieting is by far the most important thing you will get benefits form. Get more greens in your body get proper vitamins get more juice and less solid. Get good fats and drink water as much as you can, good fats are great for your healthy skin as it will maintain it and keep it hydrated. Another thing that will keep your skin healthy and hydrated is water itself the more you drink, the better results you will get. Try drinking green juice yes it won’t be good at starting but will be super healthy and give you the fastest way of getting minerals and vitamins in your body.

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